Oct 13, 2008

Second Shot: Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan (II)

The current entry is part of a series of articles on my first overseas Second Shot project, undertaken in August 2008.
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  2. Photo Essay: H-Hour 0630
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  5. Second Shot: Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan (I)
  6. Second Shot: Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan (II)

Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan
Record Date: post 1945
2nd Shot
Date: August 2008

This was taken from the opposite side of the bank. I'm not sure of the age, but looking at the spans that were replaced, the photo must have been taken after the war. In a future post, I will talk more about this fascinating bridge.

In the photo, the train should be travelling forward, so the locomotive was pushing the wagons. I do not know much about trains, having done my first trainspotting less than a month ago, but I think locomotives can pull (the usual setup) and push as well. If there was no locomotive at the front, then this locomotive behind was doing the pushing. Which is a bit funny. I mean, isn't this dangerous?? What if a cow is wandering on the track, oblivious to your incoming train? I heard modern locomotives can go-stun as well, so the photo might be that of an approaching train. Which is no less hilarious.

That part of the bank used to be flooded. How come the bank doesn't flood today? Also in a future post when we compare the Google Earth image with a WWII aerial photo, we see how the river has changed her course. Physical geography is interesting, don't you think so?

The photo puts me to shame, the details are so much clearer compared to mine. The hill is so clear in the background, in mine you have to stare hard to discern just a faint outline.

To get a better second shot, it is necessary to simulate the water level. For that a table can be used, which I think you can find in the foreground. Also I should have moved a bit to the left.


Victor said...

I notice that on the top right hand corner of the old photo, there are some crumple marks on the paper which almost match exactly the branch patterns of the tree in the 2nd shot. Amazing.

Adelin said...

Now that Victor mentioned it, yes, it looks amazing similar!

Coming to your blog has been an addictive hobby of mine in the virtual world.

Icemoon said...

Victor is really observant! I didn't even notice that.

Adelin, thanks for supporting my blog all these while. The same goes to Victor.

yg said...

seems like the 'second shot' need not be taken from the same spot. this shot the track appears to be nearer to the camera than the original.