Feb 12, 2009

Double Happiness: From Caterpillar to Butterfly

On February 11, 2009 10:55PM, the unexpected happened.

I received an award!

Seen This Scene That who constantly exhort us to see more places, live more life awarded me the Butterfly Award for the coolest blogs he ever knows. I mean at least one person in this world thinks this blog is cool – how cool is that?

The award has a dubious origin. I typed “Butterfly Award” in Google but could not find any official website. I’m inclined to think there’s none or it was started by some lepidopterologist who had nothing better to do while waiting for his catch.

According to the rules of the award:
  • You are to put the logo anywhere in our page or post.

  • You are to add a link to the person who awarded it to you.

  • Link 10 other bloggers of whom you want to give this award to.

The first and second are done. The third is ….. well, I don’t care.

Lady Luck must be besotted with me. There is no rational reason for me to be one of the “10 other bloggers”. To be listed along with the Greats like Chun See (of Good Morning Yesterday fame) and Victor (of Taking Up the Challenge fame) is an honour, never mind that I’m actually last in the list.

I’m not inclined to think Seen This Scene That made a mistake. More likely he was on the 10th blog when he chanced upon my comment in his email. Or he found out about my low readership in Google Analytics and wanted to cheer me up. Or, beyond my wildest dreams, the list’s inverted like in the Star Awards so I’m actually the coolest blog he has ever known (like they say save the best for the last). In any case, I’m deserving according to him.

I’m not so sure I deserve it though. Maybe he thinks my blog template is cool, not the content. I’m quite ashamed of my blog content at times, because they read like nothing but crap. (oh, the next thing you say is my pictures are cool right?)

I accept the Butterfly Award. But I don’t think I truly deserve it. I shall be more humble and accept some kind of Caterpillar Award. For now.

Photo taken from Mom on a Wire.


Admin said...

Hi Icemoon, keep up your unique, engaging writing about precision heritage photography and I'm sure more visitors and accolades will flow your way.

Shaun said...

your blog rocks, bro. Great mix of detective work and cool pix. May more awards come your way.

Lam Chun See said...

Hey. I didn't nominate anyone for the award, but that doesn't mean their blog is 'no standard' ok. Of course that applies to this blog too.

Anonymous said...

Come on, no need to be so modest. You probably have a lot of (lurking) fans out there :P

Icemoon said...

Thank you guys for your encouragement and support.

Erm .. where are the girls?