Jul 22, 2009

NLB Book Sale 2009, Grab 'em fast!

Thanks Roy for the heads up

Coming August, NLB will be organizing their 10th Library Book Sale at Singapore Expo. Library books are available for grab at bargain prices.

Here are the details:

Price of books:
Books in all four official languages will be on sale.
  • English and Chinese books will cost $2 per copy;
  • Malay and Tamil books will cost $1 per copy;
  • English and Chinese magazines will cost $5 for a pack of 10 issues; and
  • Malay and Tamil magazines will cost $5 for a pack of 20 issues.
Limit of purchase:
Each customer can buy up to a maximum of 60 items (a pack of 10 or 20 issues of magazines is considered as one item).

Categorisation of books:
The books are categorised under ‘Adults’, ‘Young People’ and ‘Children’. Under each group, they are sub-divided into ‘Fiction’ and ‘Non-Fiction’.

Magazines are categorised under the four official languages, ie English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Payment can only be made by Cash, Nets or CashCard.

(Taken from source)


Roys said...

So who are you going with :)

Icemoon said...

Maybe go alone la, can't disturb the husband and wife. :P

Adelin said...

careful, don't chance upon a silverfish while you're there.

Roger said...

Never can resist the sales. Problem is my heaving bookshelves are groaning from previous sales' purchases.

Icemoon said...

Let's see if we can find any Singapore Heritage related books. You know, those from 959.XX.

Clean Air said...

Yuppy, time to buy some really good books at low, low price.