Sep 4, 2009

Beautiful Landscape at Choa Chu Kang

Now, this is a topic which yg and seen this scene that might not have blogged about.

I won't tell you where exactly is this place. If you have served your time, this place should not be unfamiliar.

A gigantic residential complex sprawling a few neighborhoods, the units collectively set a record of having the shortest TOP to En-Bloc time. 15 years to be exact.

Blk 2En-Bloc
Left and right: What was once neighborhood 2 is now empty land. Even the tree and branches do not wish to live.

Pictures were taken in October 2008. As you are reading this, old units are coming under the wrecking ball and new units are built.

Rows and Rows
These are some of the smallest units around. I wonder who live inside them.

This shall be my blog contribution for the 7th month.

See more places. Live more life.

This was not meant to be a quiz, but it somehow turned out that way. As requested by Chun See, here's a map of the place. Don't be misled by the crosshair, the location should be beside the cemetery office. But weird, my photo shows the street sign as 'Chinese Cemetery Path 7', but there is no such road in the street directory! I'm spooked! Maybe I'm seeing double during the 7th month, not a good sign.

Perhaps I should throw an ad-hoc quiz this time. Why was I in Choa Chu Kang Cemetery? Not there to ask for 4-D, not there to find a 'good brother' (好兄弟), and of course not there to investigate the soil condition.

Answer will be revealed in a future 'second shot' blog post. Stay tuned. :)


passerby said...

I'm guessing this is obviously near the cemetary? Very nice scenery! I've been to the cemetary and only a little bit around it (towards the west it's restricted area) I echo your sentiment about seeing more/living more - most people think Singapore is too small to have anything interesting, but there is. You just have to look for it and find meaning for yourself (before the place disappears, of course, which is part of the challenge)

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is not the final resting place.

The New Burial Policy states that the burial period is limited to 15 years.

Sad to say, one has to move house, again.

seen this scene that said...

You are right. I have not blogged about this place that looks like a view at one of the Chinese Cemetery paths.

Lam Chun See said...

Nice shots. Nowadays difficult to find open space like this in Spore. Even if you find it, it won't be there for long.

I have no idea where is this place. But I don't think it is the Chinese cemetery of CCK. That one is at Track 14 next to Jalan Lekar, is sloping and has lots of old Chinese graves.

polestar said...

the place where bidadari cemetery used to be is now cleared too.. and that place is good for jogging. nice environment... lush greenery, but wonder how long it will stay before another development takes its place? =(

Icemoon said...

Chun See, it is the Chinese cemetery at CCK, open for burial. The one at Jalan Lekar is closed for burial.

polestar, can you believe it. I've not been to Bidadari! I've only taken a bus past Cedar Girls once. I think Bidadari was along the way.

yg said...

icemoon, you are getting lim chu kang and choa chu kang mixed up. looks to me more like lim chu kang.

peter said...

Do you know the soil condition there is old alluvium and has a high concentration of water? This means that the body does not rot that easily.

Icemoon said...

Haha, actually there is no LCK cemetery in Singapore. The official nomeclature is CCK Cemetery. This is what NEA calls it - link.

Icemoon said...

Peter, very interesting. I wonder that is considered good soil for farming?

Icemoon said...

About CCK Cemetery.

The office is located along CCK road, but most people see the cemetery along LCK road. I suspect the cemetery first started off from CCK, then expand northwards to LCK area.

peter said...


I am not sure which part of CCK you took the photos - Christian or Buddhist side? Old alluvium soil refers to Christain side - notice the ground slopes downhill and away from LCK and Tengah AB? For that reason the govt does not have immediate plans to exhume the Christian side.

Lam Chun See said...

Lately I travel along LCK very often. How come I never saw this scene? When you reveal the answer, can pls include a map? Thamks.

Icemoon said...


Not sure under the new en-bloc policy of 15 years, how long can the Christian side 'tahan'? Not long before somebody kao-peh.

Icemoon said...

Chun See, you have your map. :)

To all, I have updated the post. This time with the real quiz, haha.

Victor said...

Two of the cemetery paths in the map are wrongly named - Path 20 should have been Path 7 while Path 6 should have been Path 9 - according to information from my 1998/99 street directory.

My guess - you were at CCK cemetery to exhume a relative's remains because his/her resting place had been selected for en-bloc redevelopment?

Icemoon said...

Thanks for the clarification. How come old street directory more accurate than new streetdirectory?

Nope, I was in CCK for heritage work.

justsimpleme said...

This is the Christian cemetery besides the teens challenge rehab Centre. We used to run this stretch of road for x-country during pe lesson in the 80s

Thomas Toh said...

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