Jun 10, 2010

Amazing Red Dot Quiz (6) - What's UOB up to?

To quote from UOB website:

United Overseas Bank (“UOB”) was incorporated on 6 August 1935 as the United Chinese Bank. Founded by Datuk Wee Kheng Chiang, the Bank catered mainly to the Fujian community in its early years. The change of name was effected in 1965. Over the past 75 years, UOB has grown from strength to strength. Through a series of acquisitions, it is now a leading bank in Asia.

How much do you know about this leading bank? Let's start from the above photos. Clearly something has been edited away.
  1. Where did I take the two photos?
  2. What was edited away?

The first one is easy. The second one maybe not, because it is a test of your creativity. Answers will be revealed in this post.


My friend Johnny got them right. Congratulations!
  1. The two photos were taken outside the Raffles Place MRT exit. This should not be a problem if you take the MRT everyday and use that exit. I only use that exit during the weekends and spotted the signs only recently.
  2. The photos show the directional signs to the two towers of UOB Plaza. The creative part is that instead of the usual 'Plaza 1' or 'Tower 1', they call it UOB P1aza. Notice what has mutated?


Anonymous said...

Looks like P1aza and Pla2a (i.e. at one exit of Raffles Place MRT). Though I cannot recall which is which.

Icemoon said...

Answers to Quiz (6) revealed.

Victor said...

Oh my! It is a really difficult quiz for me.

Icemoon said...

The next quiz will be easier, I promise. :)

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