May 9, 2011

Causeway People - Final Year Journalism Project

In February this year I received an email from a journalism student Ng Wai Mun studying in NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. She was working on a group project, a multimedia feature "The Causeway People" which traces the border links between Singapore and Malaysia and asked for my inputs on places/things that remind us of our shared geographical/political past with Malaysia. Much honoured to recieve her email, I happily obliged.

Their project is now completed and thanks to Wai Mun for the heads up, we can now view their project online. The work is pretty impressive; what I initially thought was a small project like a photo gallery turned out to be much bigger in scope. The actual photo gallery titled "Vestiges of a United Past" is just one small part of the project.

Enough talk, you have to see it to do it justice.


me said...

the causeway people is nice article! make us more appreciate about the history

me said...

quoted from the weekend escapade : in singapore you see the smiles but you don't feel it

me said...

what an educated blog "the causeway people"

me said...

"In Singapore, you always feel the pressure to hurry up, because there will be another group behind you waiting to play."

yes correct