Aug 25, 2010

I Found a Brick at Old National Library Site

Red Brick at Old National Library

A red brick - that is what I found at the site of our old National Library in June this year. After massive redevelopment - behold, a black hole is born - might even a brick from the building survive the wholesale destruction of the site?

** The brick was discovered - moist - on the grass slope lining the tunnel just beside the car park. Apparently the soil under it was not exposed to sunlight due to the thick foliage. I kicked the brick down onto ground level so you guys and gals can have a good look. Hope it is still there.

Aug 22, 2010

Putting Heritage Right at Old National Library Site

Ruins of Old National Library

Since the demise of the Old National Library in 2004, I have read many netizens reminisce about our national icon; the more nostalgic ones even blogged about their pilgrimage to its ruins - a pair of wretched red pillars standing forlorn on the grassy patch. Finally in 2010 the turn came for me to make the pilgrimage. As I trampled up and down on what was once Stamford Road, comparing what I read with what I was seeing, my mind just kept screaming - bo ko leng, bo ko leng, this cannot be the second shot.

Aug 14, 2010

2nd Shot: Two Shots of Stamford Road MPH Junction

Junction of Stamford Road and Armenian Street
Original photo c. 1950

It is not very often that you get to attempt two shots of the same location. My search for places in old photographs brought me to this cross junction where (surprise!) we meet our old friend Stamford Canal again.

Aug 3, 2010

A Most Noteworthy Relic at War Memorial Park

Source: Google Street View

Can you see that? Imagine for a moment you are driving from Esplanade Dr. to Nicoll Highway. As the Chopstick Memorial loomed before you on your left, shift your eyes to that inconspicuous brick wall underneath the tree (hint: yellow arrow in Google Street View). What is that?