Aug 26, 2011

Amazing Red Dot Quiz (11) - Guess this Old Road



If you read enough of my blog posts, you'd know unlike most young heritage bloggers, I'm interested in the physical 'geographical heritage' of a place. To me, roads are one kind of landmark that may not disappear entirely after they are expunged, unlike buildings that are demolished, and this is why I find old roads fascinating. However I have not got down to blog about them due to other commitments and so today I shall start ... with a quiz first.

I shall not reveal too many hints as this may be too easy for some people.
  1. The road is behind the foliage in the first photo. If I never say this, some people may just hantum the open field in front ...
  2. The road is near - within walking distance - to MRT.
  3. The road is not in the east of Singapore.
Have fun guessing!

After so many days, only one brave taker. Let me add one interesting clue: the road is still around today, just realigned.

Aug 20, 2011

When Indian Curry was a Recipe for Murder

In what was apparently a dispute seven years ago between a PRC family and their Singaporean Indian neighbour over the cooking of curry, some netizens rose to the occasion and organized a 'Cook A Pot of Curry' event on Facebook to share our love of curry with foreigners. Ostentatiously an international gastronomic drive in the name of multiculturalism, it was perceived in some quarters as being overly xenophobic. To my horror, as many as 55,000 people pledged, at least on paper (facebook that is), to cook/buy/eat curry this Sunday. Will the Community Mediation Centre be forced to work overtime in the upcoming weeks?

Aug 14, 2011

How I Almost 'Sneaked' Into Malaysia Again

ASC on Ekspres Rakyat

In a flash, National Day was over. It has been more than a week since I last updated this blog. The "radio silence" is due to yours truly being out of town for most of the week and the subsequent catching up caused me to lose quite a bit of momentum. In fact I only came back on the night of August 9 after the NDP celebration. It was a close shave at the Johor Bahru CIQ and if Abang was a bit more fussy, I might not have made it back during National Day. What happened?

Aug 4, 2011

2nd Shot: The Bloodied Tracks of Our Railway History

Couple Killed on Rail Tracks

My last act on the railway line on the 31st July - the last day before the rail corridor was closed to public access - was to revisit the site where one of the most tragic and gruesome railway accident in recent history happened almost exactly 2 years ago. On Aug 8, 2009, Republic Polytechnic students Goh Sheng Yao and Clara Lee Jing Yu were on the track near Rail Mall when they were knocked down by a train around 5am. They were killed on the spot. How did that happen?