May 20, 2012

Hougang SMC Shape Like Lightning?

It was only last night while reading my facebook feeds that I realized election rallies for Hougang by-election has started. Honestly, my interest in the by-election waned after it was announced polling day would not be a public holiday; furthermore the government has clarified this by-election would be on local issues in the ward, not national ones, so that is no need for non-Hougang voters to be overly excited. Still I clicked on the link, which brought me to a YouTube video on the WP rally, uploaded by Today Media (the last point is to assure everybody the video is nothing subversive).

May 17, 2012

Free Entry to Museums in May/June 2012

Just received this from public relations and thought it may interest some of you. This June holidays, NHB and Museum Roundtable are co-organizing Children's Season 2012. The event is now in its fifth year and you can read the details on the website. The piece of good news, even if you do not have kids, is that there would be free admission every weekend to different museums between now and 24 June!

May 15, 2012

Plug for International Museum Day 2012

A sign that I have not been keeping up with happenings in our heritage institutions, I was somehow taken aback to receive not one, but two emails from one external public relations company of NHB which reminded me that International Museum Day (IMD) is just around the corner this weekend. Do mark this date down, if you are an avid museum-goer, or if you are simply waiting for a free lunch from NHB, because IMD is an open house day for the 7 NHB museums, so visitors get to enjoy free admission to the exhibits.

May 10, 2012

Secret of the Attic at Kingsmead Road

NHB Marker - Chen Wen Hsi

I stumbled onto this NHB heritage marker at Kingsmead Road one day while wandering in Bukit Timah. This came as a surprise, as I did not expect to find one in the middle of this posh landed housing estate. Even more puzzling was the fact that the blue marker supposedly commemorates an artist, whose fence wall at his former residence the marker now adorns.