May 26, 2016

Relaunch of Old Catholic High School Building (222 Queen Street & 51 Waterloo Street)

Relaunch of 222 Queen Street and 51 Waterloo Street

From its sprawling seven-hectare campus in Bishan which housed both primary and secondary sections since 1992, one could not have imagined Catholic High School's more humbled beginnings in town from 1935 when French missionary Reverend Father Edward Becheras started "Sino-English School" as an extension of the Church of St. Peter and Paul. Rapid expansion saw a new three-storied building block erected on the church grounds in 1936, one that would become the familiar face of Catholic High School at 222 Queen Street for more than 50 years. On 21 May 2016, I was honored to be invited by 222 Queen + 51 Waterloo to witness the relaunch of the Old Catholic High School building on its 80th anniversary celebration.

May 20, 2016

HeritageFest 2016: Former Command House @ Kheam Hock Road

Former Command House

One year after SG50, heritage events feel so muted that they are becoming like a non-event, in contrast with the myraid of activities rolled out to celebrate Singapore's jubilee in 2015. By coincidence I chanced upon the HeritageFest 2016 festival guide at the branch library, picked a copy expecting to find mass free admission to our museums and disappointed when there is none, glanced through the rest of the booklet and found out the open house event for "Former Command House". It was a rare opportunity, one too good to pass up.