Dec 25, 2010

Amazing Red Dot Quiz (8) - Where is this building in Singapore?

Guess this building!

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As you read this at the end of 2010, I will not be around in Singapore but elsewhere, doing the things I enjoy that has nothing to do with "office" or "work". With no lack of sun and sea, even mountains, at my side, not to mention opportunities for some historic "second shot" research, I will be savouring the last few days of 2010 in good company.

It is good to end the year with something light, like a dessert to mark the last course. I apologize if the main course throughout the year was too heavy, causing a little indigestion. I do hope that the food was tasty and healthy this time round. Hopefully next year it would be better.

So here is your dessert, something sweet of course.

Make a guess, where is this building in Singapore? Be specific, like name the road where the building is located. The answer will be revealed when I return in Jan 2011. I hope the leaves on the ground do not give the game away!

Enjoy yourself this holiday season guys! Thank you for all your support. Unfortunately I will not be around to blog about the countdown and fireworks this time. Do read about my experience in 2009 (here and here) and 2010 (here) watching fireworks with Ah Tiong.

Dec 18, 2010

Our Minister Mentor sang this song .... in his bath!

Do you sing in your bath? Not many people will readily admit they do, down to the song name. Thus I was pleasantly surprised to read the confession by our Minister Mentor in his memoirs. He was candid about the episode and I thought it was even a little hilarious after I listened to the song online. Do you know the title of that song?

Dec 9, 2010

The First Air Raid in Singapore - 8 Dec 1941

Singapore Bombing - Life Magazine, Feb 2, 1942
LIFE Magazine: Feb 2, 1942

Every 8 Dec when the world’s attention is focused on Pearl Harbor, we tend to forget the date is a historical one for Singapore too for on this day 69 years ago, the island experienced her first air raid. Three hours after WWII broke out in the Pacific with the Japanese landing at Kota Bahru and two hours after their surprise attack on Pearl Harbour, seventeen Mitsubishi G3M "Type 96" naval bombers appeared over Singapore after a harrowing 1000km journey from Saigon. The attack force consisted originally of sixty odd planes from the 22nd Air Flotilla but due to foul weather (thick clouds and rough winds, thanks ah), only 30% were to reach their destination; the rest called off the mission and returned to base. Bombs fell on Seletar and Tengah aerodromes; also the heart of the city at Raffles Place and Chinatown. The predawn raid just after 4am took the city by complete surprise.

Dec 6, 2010

Cards and Canals - My Marina Bay Sands Experience

Sun and Sands
Sun and Sands

After 5 months, I decided to re-visit Marina Bay Sands in October to check out its "progress" (this integrated resort seems to be perpetually under construction, even after its official opening on 23 June 2010). In my Great Casino Report, I highlighted the long queue outside the Casino and a canal with no water in the Shoppes. Both sights were not very encouraging. After my October visit, I had a better feel of the place as more areas are now accessible after the progressive opening up. My experience in Sands can be summed up thus: cards and canals.