Jul 17, 2008

2nd Shot: North Bridge Road Sook Ching Centre

Sook Ching North Bridge Road

Source: ?
Record Date: 1942
2nd Shot
Date: Mid 2004

A few friends have been quite supportive of my blog project and I'm heartened to know they like my entries and photos.

I've taken up a small hobby sometime back. I call it "precision heritage photography" - find a source, scout the location today and snap the second shot. The series of photographs are the inspiration for this blog.

In this entry, I humbly present to you my first second shot. It was taken 4 years back.

The source shows the Sook Ching (肃清) interrogation centre along North Bridge Road. It is amazing that such a shot was taken. How did the photographer do it? Where did he stand? What camera did he use?

Finding the present day location was my first lucky break for the hobby. The source photo can be found in many history books but the captions do not reveal anything beyond "North Bridge Road".

As I wandered along North Bridge Road, a familiar yellow sight caught my attention. Slowly but swiftly, it transforms into the hauntingly black and white photo of yesteryear.

Stare at the photos long enough. It is not hard to imagine the same crowd, with the tank, in front of the yellow sight today....

PS: Full source photo here.


Lam Chun See said...

I think this is a good hobby and future Sporeans will thank you for it. I too try to do similar projects in my blog. But I don't go that far back. just those places that I remember from my younger days.

Icemoon said...


I was also inspired by Peter's collection of second shots after I came across your blog. He even have aerial second shots and I think that's really amazing.

Ray Tyers' famous book was also an inspiration, but the photos cover only well-known places and some of them are not very precise.

Adelin said...

I love you 冰月!!

*acting like a small fan*

Keep those photos coming! It's getting more and more interesting to read your narrative. :D

I am also thinking what did the photographer used to take the pic back then... It seems like he was able to take a wider view of that lane. Hmmm.....

Icemoon said...

Adelin, there is no way to get an exact second shot unless we use the same camera on the same location. There wasn't such thing as digicam and EXIF last time, so we can only wonder about the camera. I try my best to find the location where the photographer stood.

The original of my second shot isn't like that. There are cropping and scaling work to be done.

Roys! said...

The tank? Where's it? The extreme right of the first photo?

Icemoon said...

Yup, if you click the source photo link, you can see the tracks.

Roys! said...

Hey Icemoon, is there somewhere else when I can find the photo, since my Yahoo! account is permanently messed up :(

Icemoon said...

Oh, not the second shot photo. I mean this, in small print -

Roys! said...

Too bad, only a small part is visible - can't identify it as it is...

Unk Dicko said...

Hi there,
Just came across your blog from article in Feedblitz.
What you are doing is truly wonderful and creative. Keep it up. As Chun See said..the future gens will be very grateful for your efforts.
I love History and I love my S'pore, esp of the old days.
Dick Yip

DrAnneMurray said...

Ray Tyers' famous book was also an inspiration, but the photos cover only well-known places and some of them are not very precise'
I am glad my Dad's book was an inspiration but are you taking about the later publication? The 1st 2 books were published in 1976 and contained a lot less well known places. Dad tried to be precise but it is difficult while standing in the middle of the road and now it is much easier to crop and move photos!!

Icemoon said...

WOW, Dr Anne Murray .. so Ray Tyers is your dad?!

You are right. The first two publications by your dad were really good! I was referring to the later ones (I remember the later photos taken around 1990); the photographer did not respect the standard set by your dad which is a pity.

In an age with no photoshop and digit cameras, the standard set by your dad was really high.

If your dad is still around, it will be my honour to write to him.

DrAnneMurray said...

Sorry Icemoon, my Dad died in 1988. I recently went back to Singapore for the !st time in 30 years which made me look up Dad's old books.
I have a lot of affection for my birthplace but could recognise very little..
I was looking out for Ocean Buildings where he used to work - has that been taken down and replaced?
Dad had an old Canon camera - I don't remember him having more than one lens!

Icemoon said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Anne. :(

If he is still around, he would be glad somebody is continuing his hobby with the same high standards.

Your dad probably worked in the second or third Ocean Building (built c.1970). Unfortunately it has been demolished in 2007. In its place is the Ocean Financial Tower.