Jul 21, 2008

Lessons From a Public Prosecutor

No, this is not a discussion on socio-political issues. In fact, the prosecutor in question is fictitious. He does not even exist.

I'm writing this because I want to share with you the motivations for my hobby. The fictitious person is a prosecutor and while not in the same profession, we do share one common motivation. It helps too he has certain character traits that I admire.

Our friend, Kuriyu Kouhei(久利生公平), will be familiar if you ever watched the popular Japanese drama series Hero. Played by heartthrob Kimura Takuya(木村拓哉), the lead character is what gives the drama its name.

In episode 1, there is a scene which I find especially memorable.

Briefly, Kuriyu is assigned an undergarment case, his first case in the Tokyo division having transferred from Aomori. Each public prosecutor(検事, read: kenji) has his or her own personal assistant. He does not have one yet so Amamiya Maiko(雨宮舞子), played by Matsu Takako, becomes his assistant. Amamiya is also the personal assistant of another public prosecutor. It happens that this other prosecutor is in-charge of a high profile case involving a politician. The whole department is vexed over the case, as the evidence gathered does not incriminate the politician. A photograph by the politician provides the perfect alibi.

One day, Kuriyu invites Amamiya for lunch. After lunch, he casually brings Amamiya to a marina where yachts are berthed, which is beside their eating place. They climb up a yacht, then ..........

I'd continue from my Hero TV novel book. Such books are useful if you want to understand the TV series.

Amamiya starts the conversation:



My [amateurish] translation of the important part:
"But, even at this position, there are still places you cannot see ...... the other side of the bank, the underwater world etc., what's invisible is more than what's visible ...... for example, the thoughts of an undergarment thief, the psychology of a pornography tape viewer, and those who are fervent about mail order ...... if we do not verify them individually, then we cannot see anything."
What happens next I will show using a short clip of the drama:

In fact, Amamiya does not realize it at that time - the yacht they are standing on belongs to the politician. Second Shot!


Adelin said...

yes yes, bottom line is,you, like the prosecutor, has this desire of discovering and revealing truths/other point of view.

I have never watched Hero, but after this post of yours, I guess i may go and borrow the DVD. :D

Wooya! 2nd shot!