Aug 3, 2009

My Paperweight Has Arrived

My paperweight arrived on Saturday morning via their courier. I had ordered it online on Thursday night. By Friday it was ready. I'm pleased with their customer service.

Nice tagline - Always Be With You. I have always wanted a companion [on the move]. Now my wish is fulfilled.

The product is Japanese. Woo .... nihon stuff, ichiban.

The box for accessories. Too many things are made in China now, including this paper box and my Japanese product.

Finally my paperweight. Not the Queenstown book, but inside the cover on the left. As you can see, when taken out the paperweight is smaller than the Queenstown book.

By the way, this is not a quiz. However you are welcome to place your guess.

I bought the paperweight to be more productive on the move. The bulk of my commuting is on the MRT. Unlike a cab or bus, our MRT has sitting passengers facing each another, an awkward situation in some case. Just that day, I shifted to another seat in order not to be distracted by a lady opposite. I leave you to guess the reason. Yeah I know such distraction is no reason for a paperweight. It is just that the MRT provides a conducive environment for certain activities .... like reading a book.

I have plans to use it for my heritage research too. The paperweight will be a good companion outdoor, during my heritage field exercise.


yg said...

icemoon, old people like me are quite lost. all the time, i thought a paperweight was something like this . i didn't know that young people use paperweights to get away from distractions.

Icemoon said...

well, hopefully i get distracted by the paperweight. usually i'm paiseh to let my eyes wander around.

Victor said...

My guess here.

Icemoon said...

Spot on, Victor. :)

Adelin said...

You really went to get it...

Icemoon said...

Yeah Adelin. I need to really utilize it over the course of deprecation, haha.