Aug 16, 2009

Second Shot @ Orchard Central: Then & Now Photo Exhibition

Orchard Central - Then & Now Photo Exhibition

I visited Orchard Central on Saturday to check out this new shopping mall as well as the "My Life: Then & Now" photo exhibition organized by TODAY newspaper. The 50 best entries were showcased, out of over 900.

Here is the contest:

Here are the top three entries:

Orchard Central - Then & Now Top Three Entries

I must say the grand winner is really creative in his choice of presentation. I read in the news he is a designer. He is Kendrick Wong and goes by the nick redmonsoon in cyberspace. You can read his flickr here and how he composed the winning shot here. Congratulations Kendrick!

Here are the 'second shot' related entries, not in order of merit:

Orchard Central - Then & Now Second Shot Entries

Here is one photo I find outstanding because of its historical value. It shows a flooded Newton Circus in 1969. How many can recognize the place if this is a quiz? :)

Orchard Central - Then & Now Flooded Newton Circus

Here is another one, showing a flooded rural area in Pasir Panjang. A flood brings inconvenience (see above) but somehow these kids enjoyed themselves! From the contestant - Us kids loved to splash in the murky water, despite the occasional "floating objects" passing by. Eh, I hope the floating objects are at most animal carcasses and not human corpses. (Update: this received a special mention during the National Day Rally)

Orchard Central - Then & Now Flooded Children at High Tide

Here is one I find cute. From two pretty ladies, we now have two old fogies. I guess they are now attractive in other ways - like their storytelling abilities and culinary skills.

Orchard Central - Then & Now Grand Aunts

These and other entries are available for public viewing in the Today gallery. But the gallery, broken up into 24 pages, takes a while to load even the thumbnails because the photos are preloaded as well. I've compiled all 24 pages into 1 mosaic so it is now easier to view all the thumbnails. Find a photo you like from the mosaic and go straight to the gallery page to download. I realize Mediacorp uses Silverlight for the gallery. Silverlight is a technology similar to Flash but because it is still not as pervasive as Flash, your browser may not have it and it will prompt you for installation.

Then & Now Gallery

The exhibition will run from Aug 9-21 at level one, Orchard Central. If you are interested, do note it is just inside the entrance from Killiney Road. Do not be like me - entered Orchard Central from Orchard Road entrance, searched high and low from 1st to 8th floor, then realized it is at the Killiney Road side entrance of 1st floor.


Victor said...

I was at the exhibition today around 3.30 - 4.30 pm. Saw the many 2nd shots there and immediately thought of you.

Didn't even know where was Orchard Central at first and happened to enter via Killiney Road by chance. There was a Michael Jackson look-a-like contest audition on today.

Haven't been to Orchard for a while and was surprised at the changes there - Crown Prince Hotel is no longer around, Meritus Mandarin is undergoing alterations/additions and opposite the PUB building, new buildings are coming up.

Icemoon said...

You guys should go up top floors of Orchard Central. Nice view of Orchard Road, especially Emerald Hill and Peranakan Place. I was immediately reminded of Peter.

Lam Chun See said...

Thanks for the write-up. I wanted to go last week, but would you believe I didn't know where was Orchard Central. I did a search on Bingo and Redano even Google maps and there were several articles about this place and Ion coming up in Orchard Road etc etc , but not one mention of its whereabouts. Anyway, I finally found the answer, can't remember from where but lost interest.

I had similar a problem with the Spore Int's Exhibition Centre (or something similar). I can never tell the difference bet the one at Suntec and the one at Changi. These people spent big $$ to advertise about their event, and then assume you know the address.

Anyway, I don't think I will go becos Orchard is one of the 2 places in Spore I dislike the most .. the other is Suntec City.

Adelin said...

Like Mr Lam, I don't like Orchard too.

Hmm, 'floating objects'... could it be some dog excrete or stuff? >.<

Icemoon said...

Not to worry. The exhibition does not feature all the entries anyway. Click on my mosaic, enjoy the thumbnails and download the ones you like from the Today gallery website. :)

Adelin, will dog excrete float? Have you seen a floating poo? (I hope you guys have your lunch already)

Icemoon said...

Adelin, actually Bugis is worse. If you been there on weekends, you see a big human crowd stuck on the road divider, waiting to cross the road (between Illuma and Bugis Junction). And you know, Bugis Street is super hot and stuffy.

peter said...

Many places have changed in Singapore. No need to wait for 50+ years landmarks, 10+yrs also gone.

One thing I never enjoy going to shopping places, so Orchard Road out of me.

Lam Chun See said...

Today there was another 1/2 page advert in Today about some exhibition. Again only stated Spore Exhibition Centre. But I guess it is the one in Changi becos it says Hall 5B. But why don't they take away the guessword?

yg said...

icemoon, those days, we referred to the floating objects as goreng pisang. had to make sure you did not swim with your mouth open in the ovaltine water.

Icemoon said...

we referred to the floating objects as goreng pisang

eh .. really fried bananas or what? must be euphemism for something?

Icemoon said...

Chun See, I agree with you. I will scratch my head if I read 'Singapore Exhibition Centre'. At least NLB put Singapore Expo as venue for their upcoming book sale.

Lam Chun See said...

Coming back to the Then and Now Competition, I was quite tempted to submit the photo of me and my dog Nappie (the one in my blog) and then put alongside it one I took recently with my nieces' dog. Guess what I would caption my photos ........... Some things never change.

But anyway I was too lazy to do it becos I know many other people have much better quality and more meaningful photos, for example Philip Chew.

Adelin said...

Icemoon: Ya, saw floating ones before. Mine floats! Bwahahaha!

and yes, bugis is worse cos of that tiny plot of land in the middle of the road. That's all. But for orchard, it's everywhere!!!!