Jan 24, 2014

Days of Rage - Nadra

The Nadra Tragedy

Last Sunday I was having dinner halfway when she interrupted me from the TV, "look it is Maria, the Dutch girl". Channel NewsAsia was premiering Episode 1 of Days of Rage which was on the Maria Hertogh riot.

What a coincidence! You see, I had with me two library books on the topic that day and the riot, which we have studied in "national education" and history lessons, happens to be my research interest recently. In fact I had contemplated to bring with me one of the books to Indonesia when we pulang kampung but decided not to. Both books are thick, unlike the typical paperback for holiday reading. In any event I finished both books - The Nadra Tragedy by Haja Maideen and Natrah by Fatini Yaacob - after I returned to Singapore.

PS: Episode 1 on the Maria Hertogh riot can be viewed from the official site.