Mar 18, 2016

First post in 2016

Hello, I'm back!

After a long hiatus of 2 years 2 months, decided to revive Second Shot and resume blogging and second shot photography.

I took a break in 2014 as I could sense a growing awareness in local heritage due to the sheer number of individual and government agency websites that have since mushroomed after I started blogging in ... June 2008. 8 years is a long time indeed! Back then, there were only a few of us heritage enthusiasts in the blogging scene; we belonged to an interest group FOYers (Friends of affiliated with the National Heritage Board. is still around but the last update as I'm writing this is in March 2015. SG50 was of course the special year. In the months leading to Aug 9 2015 there was a flurry of activities as the nation celebrated the golden jubilee. There was a lot of talk on heritage matters; government agencies used the opportunity to showcase the glowing achievement since independence and individuals old enough reminisced on their childhood spent when Singapore was less developed but more carefree.

Around the same time, I saw more and more people taking to Facebook as a medium that was growing in popularity. Heritage enthusiasts who did not keep a blog, heritage bloggers, government agencies and readers are investing more time and eyeball in this social media. There was tremendous sharing of photos and short snippet of information; it seems like everybody was contributing in one way or another, by putting up posts, comments or simply clicking the 'Like' button. As the popularity of Facebook increased, I noticed blogs were getting less updates even from the prolific bloggers.

The explosion of information online, proliferation of social media and golden jubilee gave me the perfect excuse opportunity to take a break from heritage blogging and second shot activities. Family and work commitments did not make my life easier too. Gradually I stopped as I could not keep up pace that would give me satisfaction of writing a good blog and taking good second shot photos.


Visqueraient said...

Welcome back icemoon!! ����

Icemoon said...

Thank you Visqueraient! Hope to put up interesting posts for the readers.

Unknown said...