Jul 19, 2008

Heritage Road Show III - Everybody can be a winner

The National Library is organizing a series of events as part of its Heritage Road Show III on 2nd August 2008.

What's interesting is that everybody can stand to win cash prizes from the events.

For the heritage enthusiast, or anybody who happens to own photos of old Singapore, you can donate or share your heritage photos and stand to win $500, $200 or $100 from the lucky draw.

The barrier to entry is not high. Your photo is accepted as long as it is

  1. taken before 1980.
  2. based on one of the following categories:
    • Architecture and Landscape - architectural styles, building types, streets and places
    • Arts - visual art, performing arts
    • Commerce and Industry - Business places, shopping areas, trades, businesses, transactions, markets
    • Ethnic Communities - artifacts, customs and traditions, diaspora, festivals, food
    • Events - major events, campaigns, celebrations and national holidays
    • Geography - places of interests and other interesting locations in Singapore
    • Nature - animals, nature conservation, plants
    • Organisations - associations, government agencies, trade unions
    • Personalities - prominent personalities in Singapore
    • Politics and Government - education, health, law, national security, national symbols, public utilities
    • Recreation - hobbies and sport

If you have no photo to contribute, you can just use your finger-power to win. Simply vote for your favourite photo among the 43 photographs selected from the "43 Things That Remind Me of Singapore" contest earlier this year. You can stand to win $50 from the lucky draw.

The organizers make it clear that everybody can be a winner. You can submit as many photos you want for the photo contest and you can send as many sms you want for the voting contest at no SMS surcharge.

If you think your finger-power is your competitive edge, then hurry. The voting has started since 7 July. You can rest your fingers on 2 August(4pm).

Details at

I looked at the 43 finalists for the "43 Things That Remind Me of Singapore" Photography Contest and a few of them are pretty cool. For example, look at this taken with a Canon EOS-1D Mark II.

Out of curiosity, I tabulated all the 43 cameras used. Here is the frequency table by brand. Guess which is the most popular camera brand?

Nikon: 19
Unknown: 14
Canon: 8
Panasonic: 1
Sony: 1

Frequency table by model for Nikon and Canon:

Nikon D100: 4
Nikon D200: 5
Nikon D50: 2
Nikon D70: 3
Nikon D70s: 3
Nikon D80: 3

Canon EOS 30D: 1
Canon EOS 350D Digital: 3
Canon EOS 40D: 1
Canon EOS 5D: 2
Canon EOS-1D Mark II: 1

Note that some photographers submitted multiple entries so their camera model appears multiple times. Also note that some photos do not have EXIF data attached.


Adelin said...

i am very amazed by you putting meaning in each entry.

even camera models you also tabulate.