May 26, 2009

Amazing Red Dot Quiz (3) - Where is this old road in Singapore?

Following the footsteps of lazy old bloggers (example and example), I am putting up a quiz because like them, I have been too busy lately to update the blog. I will use the 'sure-win' formula of plagiarizing other people's idea but will choose the category carefully. Mountains are magnificent to look at but the 'where' is hard to guess. Old roads fare significantly better as in they attract more people to anyhow whack an answer. Besides, I don't want to shamelessly run reruns.

Here is a photo taken way back in 2004. It was a memorable heritage mission because I borrowed dad's car for the trip. I had a chance to see how the old road was like out of public eyes. Look closely at the old road extending into the background and answer the following questions:


1. What is the name of this old road?

2. Where is the exact location my photo was taken?

PS: The signboards are digitally treated so as not to give the game away.


Life is Short said...

In the vicinity of Changi prison ?

Lam Chun See said...

Aiyah this one easy lah (that's what I always say).

This is the old Upper Changi Road that has been fenced off by the RSAF. It is near to where the 1978 SAF display was held. Near junction with Calshot Road

Peter and I brought John Harper here during his last visit to Spore.

yg said...

i wanted to say it was some restricted area near to where you live. you couldn't have gone very far in your father's car. looks like old road cannot block off old blogger like chun see.

Icemoon said...

All three oldies got it right. Chun See is dead on the spot.

You can never hide a secret from yg. I didn't go very far as back then (2004), I wasn't confident of driving. Indeed Changi is near my house.

Lam Chun See said...

Hey. I am still alive leh.

Victor said...

>All three oldies got it right.Keith is an oldie too?

Icemoon said...

opps, meant to say chun see is spot on.

i remember reading somewhere keith is in his mid 40s. hehe, old enough or not? :P

Life is Short said...

Icemoon is spot-on too; I'm 45, quite old already lah. Few years ago, most people still called me ah-di, now uncle more common (sigh ....) but still got people call me ah-di occasionally, hehe

Lam Chun See said...

In blogo-land, 45 is definelty senior citizen.