Oct 21, 2009

Rediscovering the Secret Tunnel under Orchard Road

Pedestrain Underpass Notice

Thanks to all who commented, I have finally unravelled the mystery of the secret tunnel. The evidence has became indisputable, with multiple photos and eyewitness account. Because Second Shot is not Second Shot without the ground research, I took a trip down Orchard Road to see for myself the tunnel.

Most eyewitnesses remember the tunnel entrance beside the Centrepoint McDonalds at the basement. I remember searching for the tunnel at the basement and ended up inside the car-park. One anonymous was especially helpful by doing the recce for me:
Icemoon, I happened to pass by Centrepoint the day before and decided to see if the tunnel was still around. Guess what? It was still there but the section was closed.
My hopes raised, I pressed him for more information. He continued:
Hi Icemoon, if you are walking down to B1 Centrepoint from the main road, do not walk through the glass door. Instead turn right and walk into a hidden passage where you would see both a laundry services and money changer shop. In the middle of these two shop, the tunnel is ahead but it's sealed up. If my memories server me right, the money changer shop name was City something :P
Wooooo, hidden passage and sealed up tunnel under Orchard Road? This is gonna be exciting. I can't wait to embark on this urban archaeology expedition.

Finally the big day arrived.

Centrepoint B1 Entrance

As I walked down the steps to B1 Centrepoint, I saw directional signs to the "hidden passage". So, City Best for the "money changer" and Laundry Club for the "laundry services". McDonalds is first shop to the right inside B1.

Centrepoint Underpass (sealed up)
Centrepoint Underpass (towards McDonalds)

Finally, I set my eyes on the sealed up tunnel between the two shops. It couldn't have been more exhilarating. Adelin who accompanied me for the mission posed for the historical shot in front of the tunnel.

So we found one end of the tunnel but the fun is not over yet. I told Adelin we should find the other end as well - inside Orchard Central.

Suspected Tunnel Entrance at L1

The other end should be accessible from B1 Orchard Central. Unfortunately B1 was (still) under renovation and I found no easy way to get down from L1. From inside the elevator at L1, I took a picture of what appears to be the other exit of our secret tunnel.

Suspected Tunnel Entrance

How probable that is our exit? To be sure, I took the elevator up Orchard Central to 'second shot' the view from my position. Indeed the tunnel from Centrepoint, when extrapolated, will end at this suspected exit inside Orchard Central.


Lam Chun See said...

Sorry. I checked my video of my kids at the Xmas lightup. There wasn't anything of this tunnel. Only of Centre Point viewed from across the road.

Icemoon said...

Thanks Chun See for his effort. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Icemoon, great sleuthing work.. Guess it's not a secret tunnel anymore :)

Anonymous said...

Icemoon, BTW B1 is accessible from the escalator next to the Apple shop. If I am not wrong, there is a MOS burger outlet at B1. You may want to ask the helpful guides at Orchard Central how do you access the tunnel to Centrepoint.. you might probably make them confused :P

Adelin said...

hooho, u nvr wrote how I pressed the floor buttons and the 'Open' button in the lift. We were practically playing with the buttons. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I would imagine that the modern lifts have 'state of the art' technology - voice recognition. One just have to say 'Open Sesame'. Not necessary to use one's fingers to do the playing.

Lam Chun See said...

For the sake of blogging, I think one of these days, I should brave the crowds and go down to this place where I worked for about 2 years. That was more than 20 years ago. And last night, I just attended the wake of an ex-colleague from that era :(

But like much of Spore, it would have changed beyond recognition:(

KK said...

Saw this post and decided to go check out the "secret tunnel" this morning.

FYI, the tunnel has reopened and it's now officially part of Orchard Central with shops.

Icemoon said...

Yes KK, I was told by a reader it has been reopened. Will check out one of these days, thanks!

Cheston Mak said...

It's 2013. The B1 of Orchard Central should be accessible now. Do you mind finding the other end of the tunnel again?