Dec 30, 2009

2010 New Year Greetings

It has been a fulfilling year for Second Shot with all the exploration and blogging and of course a surprise appearance in the paper. I thank the reporter Lu Caixia who made it happen. I also thank readers who visited this blog to show me their support. Keep your comments coming!

The backlog is growing and so is my list of places to explore, so you can expect more variety and original topics in future. Perhaps they are not meant so much to educate than to take stock of what I have learnt about Old Singapore and our world in general.

I will be away from 1 to 7 so this will be my last post in 2009.

See you in 2010!


Adelin said...

I'll miss you!!!!

Icemoon said...

Thanks Adelin :)

black .. err thanks, but no thanks.

Adelin said...

I think you should just delete black's comment permanently. It's very obvious that it's a spam message to that site.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

First time reading your blog. Just a comment on Queenstown Central.

Great food there, which is relatively inexpensive... Across the library, local dessert is S$1.00 a bowl for sweet potato, green beans etc, poh-piah $1.20, chicken rice (the best) is $5.00 upstairs. And Malay nasi only $3.00 with rendang.

The library is not fantastic but houses some pretty great reads. With coffee to boot at the corner library cafe.

And the churches too, not forgetting the little prison and little mosque in the corner.

Pity! They are taking away this beautiful village community to generate more ??? Sad indeed!

Have a Happy Holiday.