Jan 30, 2010

Left or Right for the Toilet?

The first leg of my "Singapura to Chiang Mai by Train" ended at Kuala Lumpur 1500 hours. The plan was to change into another set of clothing for the afternoon exploration before the next leg up Padang Besar by night train. Unfortunately it was public holiday (Jan 1) and the station shower room "tutup" (closed). So where can I change and do my business comfortably?

We know station toilets are dirty and crowded and I avoid changing or washing up for that reason. One day somebody demonstrated how we can enjoy the finer things in life - for free. The trick is to leverage on idle resources around you. In KL, I tried his recommendation which you will read today. In Bangkok, I repeated the same trick and got away with it.

If you want to enjoy the toilet equivalent of a presidential suite, exit KL Sentral by the taxi queue entrance and make your way to the connecting hotels - Hilton and Le Meridien. There is a small lounge with a lift. Go up three storeys to the lobby and enter the first toilet from the lift. Choose the cubicle at the end of the corridor. Lock the door. Get changed, sit back and enjoy .... as you blitzed to the hotel music.

How to find the posh toilet
Clockwise from top-left:
(1) Taxi queue outside the entrance. Across the road, Hilton and Le Meridien.
(2) Waiting lounge. He who refuses to stoop to your level can wait here.
(3) The fork and decision time: left or right for the toilet? Hotel names blanked out by me.
(4) The coveted cubicle is spacious and clean with dry floor. You can host a range of activities in it.

If you read carefully, there is one little detail I missed out. This is deliberate, the title is a quiz remember? When you reach the lobby level and see the fork, should you take the left or right access? Each will lead to the respective hotel's lobby and toilet(s).

So left or right for the toilet? Which hotel does it belong to?


peter said...

I thot I was the only person who discovered this "secret hide-out".

peter said...

One of the hotels has a good view to take photos of the Lake Gardens.

The lobby makes a good place to rest tire feet and to snooze in "Shanrila-type" environment.

Since u got > 6 hours to spare in Hatyai what did you do?

Icemoon said...

Too bad you told them to me, haha.

I got > 1 day to spare in Hatyai, but I spent it in Songkhla remember?

peter said...

Sssh!!!!! must keep secret bcos when every Singaporean know, the Malaysian hotel management will think we abuse this privilege.

Songkla was Singora in WW2.

Victor said...

YG, this is a real toilet quiz!

Let me guess, left is right and right is wrong? Or left is gents and right is ladies?

Icemoon said...

Victor, you must be those 'by left' type. I went 'by right' and entered the 'wrong toilet'.

peter said...

Right leads to the Meridien Hotel and left to the Hilton. BTW I searched for the Hilton toilet but could not find it.

During the Moon Cake Fetsival, I tried the free samples at both hotels. Good for my "High Tea" as Chinese tea was also served.

Icemoon said...

Eh, so Peter only found the toilet at Meridien? But that one not presidential suite lor. Only deluxe. And dirtier.

Icemoon said...

So they served moon cakes during Mid Autumn. Maybe they serve Bak Kwa during Chinese New Year.

Jessie said...

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