Sep 15, 2010

Answer to Quiz (7) - A Rainforest in the Best Airport

That I found the fabled rainforest inside Changi Airport was the result of serendipity. For many years I have heard of some very unique "attractions" in our airport but never got to find out their location. Honestly, how many of us have actually made used of those world-class amenities and facilities in the best airport?

The latest quiz was on a unisex toilet with superb showering and toilet facilities - where can you find such a toilet in Singapore?

Unisex "business" facility.

Showering facility

The correct answer is Rainforest by SATS at Changi International Airport Terminal 1. At the time of this writing, nobody has gotten it right, not even close.

** Hate to point this out but the world's best airport deserves a better website for its lounge facility.

The rainforest, one of the 'star attractions' in Terminal 1, is located at the Transit Hall connecting Terminal 3. If your flight is at Gate C1 you can find the rainforest opposite the gate and above, on the third level, accessible by a flight of stairs or escalator. It is not visible from the main level.

Gate C1
Gate C1 at Terminal 1 Transit Area

Rainforest by SATS
Rainforest by SATS on the third level

The rainforest theme is everywhere, its wallpaper beckons you at the main level to drag your legs up (the stairs) to find out more. At the lounge entrance, finally you get to see some plants. They remind you more of our 'Garden City' than a rainforest though.

Rainforest by SATS
Rainforest Lounge entrance

Certainly the 24 hours lounge boasts of more facilities than a mere unisex toilet. Here is a preview of what you can expect:
  • Pamper yourself with our signature massages
  • Freshen up at our rainforest shower
  • Indulge in the luxury of our jacuzzi
  • Dream away in our cozy slumberette
With such a "dreamy" and "pampering" environment, it will be a "miracle" if you manage to catch your flight.

Nobody stopped or greeted me as I towed my luggage into the lounge looking like a curious passenger. I had unrestricted access to the unisex toilet (nobody was in it, fortunately) and I peeked into the empty massage and slumberette areas. I remember one guy at the computer terminal, two at the bar area (you can see them in my photo below). The lounge was literally empty in the business sense of the word.

Foremost in our mind now is whether the facilities are free of charge. Entry to the lounge should be free. Other facilities - like the unisex toilet - are not. According to the Lounge Menu in SATS Affinity Membership website, a shower is SGD 8++ inclusive of toiletries and a warm drink.

If you think the Rainforest Lounge is too expensive for your pocket, try the alternative outside the lounge. There is this secluded public rest area with many chairs but few people. In fact the only people there that day were the airport staff slacking on the chairs. Welcome to the free lounge!

Rainforest Lounge
Rainforest Lounge

Free Lounge
Free lounge outside Rainforest


Lam Chun See said...

Hey. What a nice coincidence. Both you and Peter blogging about airports at the same time.

Icemoon said...

Yah, but mine is new airport leh. The one which succeeds Paya Lebar :P

me said...

so maybe later after reading your blog...this lounge will be very crowded?!?, i have alternative place to go now while waiting for the flight yayyyy

Icemoon said...

Do leave a note if any of you guys tried the unisex toilet.

me said...

the receptionist near the door keep asking what i'm going to do and offering to buy the lounge package...i thought it's not free to come i just leave it...:((( how come you could searching the place ...

Icemoon said...

They probably read my blog and got alerted. oh no!

jlow said...

Oh I see, have you checked out Scarlet hotel? if I remembered correctly they also have a unisex shower room

Icemoon said...

nope, not checked local hotels. how is privacy assured in a unisex shower room? :P

jlow said...

that toilet only allow one person to use at a time. :o)

Icemoon said...

ooh, I guess nobody can be smarter than that, LOL