Dec 25, 2010

Amazing Red Dot Quiz (8) - Where is this building in Singapore?

Guess this building!

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As you read this at the end of 2010, I will not be around in Singapore but elsewhere, doing the things I enjoy that has nothing to do with "office" or "work". With no lack of sun and sea, even mountains, at my side, not to mention opportunities for some historic "second shot" research, I will be savouring the last few days of 2010 in good company.

It is good to end the year with something light, like a dessert to mark the last course. I apologize if the main course throughout the year was too heavy, causing a little indigestion. I do hope that the food was tasty and healthy this time round. Hopefully next year it would be better.

So here is your dessert, something sweet of course.

Make a guess, where is this building in Singapore? Be specific, like name the road where the building is located. The answer will be revealed when I return in Jan 2011. I hope the leaves on the ground do not give the game away!

Enjoy yourself this holiday season guys! Thank you for all your support. Unfortunately I will not be around to blog about the countdown and fireworks this time. Do read about my experience in 2009 (here and here) and 2010 (here) watching fireworks with Ah Tiong.


Victor said...

Wah, this is as difficult as my last Old Cannon Quiz. I have no idea at all. But it gives me an idea for another old building quiz. :-)

yg said...

icemoon, looks like some disused place; a former community centre. could it be in the bukit ho swee area?

Andrew said...

I can't really guess where this is...but there are clues... haha

1. it's a 3/4th storey building

2. basketball court is used for other activities, well kept.

3. mobile basketball posts are on the left side, the 'head's facing the ground

4. there seems to be a cctv attached to the lamp post

5. the 'crosses' on the building might hint it's part of a religious building or a school with religious connections. Side facing viewer, maybe the side or the back of the building.

6. the building behind on the left, has longish windows, also hints of religious reference.

7. no tall buildings in the background, might be a non-hdb residential area/estate

8. the two tall trees seem to be tied with two ropes

9. the colourful section might belong to a petrol kiosk, or it could just be part of the building.

10. Left side beyond the fencing, there seems to be a small shelter

i could either be right or wrong, or my imagination is over active. Haha. Hope the above does help. :)

Icemoon said...

yg, not in Bukit Ho Swee. dont think it used to be CC.

Icemoon said...

Andrew, you already gave the best clue:

7. no tall buildings in the background, might be a non-hdb residential area/estate

Andrew said...

My guess would be east side...but im not familiar with the area. Kembangan? Siglap?

Maybe someone who's familiar with the buildings over those areas. :)

Icemoon said...

For the best clue .. refer to the next post (also a quiz).

Anonymous said...

I think it's an old school.. because of the basketball court. Seems like some JC... ACJC? St Andrews JC?

The white building behind seems to be currently used so this is the old one..

- Eva

Lam Chun See said...

I don't think this place is anywhere near Turnhouse Rd as suggested by Andrew in the other post.