Jun 28, 2011

Countdown to 30 June - My Last Meal at the Platform was Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus

Come July 1 when KTM ceases its operations at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, one thing sorely missed would be the food at the station. I did not wait until recently to have my first meal at the station of course. Exactly 2 years ago I blogged about my first and last trip on the Tebrau Shuttle where I sipped teh-tarik at the platform before the train departure. The memory now is sweet, just like the beverage two years ago.

Sensing the end is near, I made more trips to the station recently from my convenient workplace location at Si Pai Por to try out new stalls and to order again the Nasi Padang which I first tried last year. On 22 June, I tried the mee rebus for the first - and last - time. Delicious! Peter just told me their mee soto is delicious too, unfortunately I think that mee rebus was my last meal at the station.

Nasi  + Telur + Sotong + Kentang
Nasi with telur, sotong and kentang. Not cheap, the killer must be the sotong but I love it due to the roe inside.

Teh Peng
Pedas, pedas, so this teh-peng was a lifesaver. I realized this one costs more than the price from most coffeeshops outside.

On 16 June I also tried the much-raved Nasi Biryani. It was good though I found the serving a little small for the price. The stall - Ali Nachia Biryani Dam - must be very popular and enjoys a big fan base because their relocation notice seems to be everywhere at the station. Even the tree at the side gate was not spared as an advertising platform. Today (27 June) when I re-visited the station, it had relocated, its counter empty but still attracting an ah-pek no less (see photo below) to have his photo taken in front of it.

Nasi Biryani
First and last nasi biryani at the station. Thank goodness they have continued their business at the nearby Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

Relocation to Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Relocation notice on a tree. The famous biryani stall relocated to nearby Tanjong Pagar Plaza.

What was once Ali Nachia Biryani Dam
What was once Ali Nachia Biryani Dam. Here is how it used to look when I tried its nasi biryani.

The sudden surge in lunchtime crowd made the place a little unbearable. Both eating places are not air-conditioned and they could do well with better ventilation. Having to endure the still and oily air was no joke, after all this customer walked all the way from Si Pai Por in business attire. With only three days left before 30 June, you may want to try other alternatives if you decide to visit the station one last time. Near the station there is Ya-Mahyuddin 24 hours restaurant at Blair Road and the coffee shop at Everton Park. I have tried both and the food is good too.

Ya-Mahyuddin @ Blair Road
Ya-Mahyuddin restaurant where I tried their prata. The restaurant is open 24 hours.

Food at Everton Park
The coffee shop at Everton Park. I was surprised to find this eating option tucked neatly in the housing estate. The street directory does not indicate to me its existence.


peter said...

How can anybody miss this?

There's a very very pretty Malaysian girl who lives in the building next to the green hut. Better looking Siti I tell you natural beauty but unfortunately married I think. This will be one of the missing sights of Tg Pagar Station.

peter said...

Mee Soto - sedap!!!!
No chicken skin, soup not to sweet and chilly paste KILLER but shiok.

Funny thing though, Mee Soto not found in Malaysia. Indonesian origin.

O you must not miss this pretty woman behind the chapati counter.....smiles too.

Anonymous said...

want to try that nasi briyani