Apr 30, 2012

My First Contribution to the Singapore Memory Project

Joo Hwa Gateway Arch at Yuhua Primary

I have not updated the blog after the Sembawang Hills porsche post more than a week ago and, thinking blogging activity would be quite dead for a few more days, was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from NLB.

It was regarding a short post I wrote after visiting Yuhua Primary for a project where I found a cute Chinese gateway arch (above photo). NLB is working on an exhibition as part of Yuhua Open House Carnival in May and thought stories and photos on Yuhua would be useful. Examine the characters and lettering in my photo carefully; the name 'Yuhua' does have a longer history than most people realize. They intend to show an excerpt of my story, which I have edited slightly for consumption by a wider audience. The whole story is also on portal as they have done the uploading for me. Read it here. Hooray, my first contribution to the Singapore Memory Project though it was contributed not under my account.

Indeed this is like killing two birds with one stone. I got my first story up in the SMP, "a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to memories and stories related to Singapore", and NLB is well on its way to collect their target of 5 million personal memories.


Ivan Chew said...

Thank you for depositing your memories to the SG Memory portal! Best regards.

Icemoon said...

Good job by the SMP team, Ivan!

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