Apr 20, 2012

The Porsche at Sembawang Hills Estate

Sembawang Hills Dr

Having solved the mystery of elephants @ Seraya Crescent in Chun See's post, I ventured across Upper Thomson Road to check out Phase 2 of Sembawang Hills Estate beyond the row of shops and the food centre.

It was another long walk on 31st Jan under the midday sun but thankfully I brought along my umbrella. Looking at the map, I must have walked along the whole of Jalan Kuras, past James Cook University which I understand was a school last time, till Sembawang Hills Dr, where the estate was bounded to the north. A short walk down the road brought me to its junction with Thomson Hill, which you see in the above photo, and where I continued to Thomson Walk Playground. I might have taken Jalan Leban to return back to the main road. My last stop in Sembawang Hills Estate was Jalan Batai, which I understand was where Freddy Neo who guest blogged at GMY used to stay.

Sembawang Hills
It was in Phase 2 of Sembawang Hills that I saw walls with similar mosaic patterns and as high as a young elephant, reminiscent of the wall in the Seraya Crescent photo.

Sembawang Hills
Unlike houses that have the entrance steps removed and the entrance reworked to flush with the road surface, this one still keeps the original design. I guess the owners have no choice but to park their cars outside the entrance.

At Jalan Batai I chanced upon two unexpected sights. There was a house with its high wall gone - the mosaic-pattern wall was hacked away; for what purpose I am not sure, perhaps the owner was envious of the modern minimalist house beside it and the hacking is only the beginning of things to come. Or perhaps, and we come to the second unexpected sight, the Porsche in front belongs to the owner and he wants to keep his "second wife" inside the house.

Here is a short quiz. What is the model of this old Porsche? Frankly I have no answer and I hope someone can enlighten me.

Porsche at Jalan Batai
If not for the front of the car I would not have guessed this was a Porsche. Why do you think the wall behind was hacked away?

Porsche at Jalan Batai
A closer look at the Porsche from the side. Try to spot the 'Zouk Out' window sticker.

Answer: This is likely a Porsche 928, as pointed out by Anon in the comments. It is not easy to find photo of Porsche without a spoiler and taken from the same angle, but I'd try...

Photo of 1988 Porsche 928 from Cargurus. The curves are similar but the tail lamp is a little different. Also check out this article on a 1979 Porsche 928 which has tail lamp closer to its sister at Sembawang Hills Estate. So Anon is right on the car model and most probably on the year as well.


Anonymous said...

It's a Porsche 928 (probably from 1978 to 1982)

Icemoon said...

Thanks Anon! I edited the post to include your answer including a photo.

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