Oct 4, 2008

Photo Essay: To Kanburi with Love

The current entry is part of a series of articles on my first overseas Second Shot project, undertaken in August 2008.
  1. Prelude: A Dream Up North
  2. Photo Essay: H-Hour 0630
  3. Kanchanaburi: First Look
  4. Photo Essay: To Kanburi with Love

Ploy Guesthouse

Dear Kanburi,

It has been more than a month since I left you. How are you? I hope things are going well there.

These few days, there have been a few torrential rains at my side. Oh my, I remember waddling along a mini River Kwai in the park on my way home. It was terrible. How's the weather at your side? It is rainy season now, I remember, and Erawan Waterfall is most impressive after a heavy rain.

Oh yes, I want to thank you too for the formal introduction to the Thailand-Burma Death Railway. The first time I visited you was many years back, as a conscript. It was one of the best experience I had during those dark months. This time round, I'm glad to have travelled along the historic railway. The bridge crossing at River Kwai was memorable and so was the view from the viaduct at Wampo. The experience revived my interest in railway and trains and do you know, I have done my first trainspotting in Singapore?

The three days spent with you was as enjoyable as it was short. There was just so much to see but so little time. I could not finish covering the museums. The plan to go Hellfire Pass was aborted. Neither did I go Chungkai Cemetery.

Time was short but I had a fulfilling second shot mission exploring the old railway and the catch for second shot photos was good. With so many things to cover, there will be a next time, a second time.

Do give my regards to the lady boss at Ploy Guesthouse. Tell her I miss their toast with pineapple jam.

Before ending, I have something to confess. You are hot. You are hotter than I care to admit.

Warmest regards,

PS: This is not what you think. No, Kanburi is not Kanchanaburi, I found this out later in Bangkok when none of the Thais I spoke to knew about Kanburi - I told them I came from Kanburi and they were like, huh? The usage is historical. For POWs, it was one of the POW camps in today's Kanchanaburi Town. Before the trip, I chanced upon the name and assumed it to be the short form for Kanchanaburi. But alas, so much for my attempt to reduce a five-syllable name to three syllables. The name will stay, nonetheless, because I just cannot find a shorter name to call a friend.

Room at Ploy Guesthouse
Our room at Ploy Guesthouse with attached garden. The beds are on this spacious wooden platform that accomodates my luggage, my bag and of course our butts. The shower is visible to the left, and from our room.

Floating Restaurant, River Kwai
The floating restaurant on River Kwai. We had our dinner the first night in this restaurant to the right of the Bridge, from the Kanchanaburi side. After a long walk from the guesthouse and my second shot mission, I can tell you the crushed ice in my lime juice was heavenly!

The Bridge on the River Kwai
The famous Bridge on the River Kwai. Less than three months after I stepped on my first railway bridge at Sunset Way, I walked across this world-renowned railway bridge. Woohoo!

Donrak War Cemetery
The war cemetery at Donrak. A short 15 minutes walk from our guesthouse, the cemetery is located next to the main road and beside a Chinese cemetery. Lying on flat land with only grave markers, this is in stark contrast with Singapore's Kranji War Cemetery. Those buried are, however, equally deserving of a place in history.

Erawan Waterfall
Erawan Waterfall. Our plan to conquer the seven tiers of Erawan was a success. It was a good workout too. The water is good for swimming and I read playful fishes love to nibble at your feet.


Victor said...

Who's hot? Kanburi or the lady boss at Ploy Guesthouse. LOL.

What I know is that your photos are not hot but cool - so postcard-like and artistic.

Icemoon said...

Oh no! I didn't know the grammar will lead to amphiboly!