Oct 9, 2008

Second Shot: Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan (I)

The current entry is part of a series of articles on my first overseas Second Shot project, undertaken in August 2008.
  1. Prelude: A Dream Up North
  2. Photo Essay: H-Hour 0630
  3. Kanchanaburi: First Look
  4. Photo Essay: To Kanburi with Love
  5. Second Shot: Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan (I)

Steel Railway Bridge @ Tamarkan

Record Date: circa 1944
2nd Shot
Date: August 2008

It is not often you get to second-shot a scene of destruction. The bridge, bombed by Allied aircraft, gave the lad in the prelude his dream.

The second shot could be better though, if I were to move towards my two o' clock. At that time, the gun sun was hot and glaring, reducing the contrast of the LCD preview. An upcoming second shot mission meant that time was a luxury. So I only took one photo of the bridge at that angle.

So you see, sometimes second shot is the art of precision heritage photography; other times it is not due to a race against time and a battle with the elements, you just press the shutter and hope for the best. In Victor's case, he was watching out for Uncle Sam on his maiden second shot.

The original of the original (huh?) does not look so eerie. No wonder the original gave the lad nightmare. I believe the original of the original should be closer to the one below which I found only a few days ago.



Adelin said...

Overseas 2nd shots you also can take.


Victor said...

>At that time, the gun was hot...

When I read the above phrase, I thought the war was still ongoing. Haha.

Nice 2nd shot though. You didn't bring along a printout of the old photo for your mission meh? How can you forget that advice?

Icemoon said...

Oh no, I made the spelling mistake.

I brought the printout but did not have luxury of time to do precise alignment. I had to finish the second shot mission before sundown and it was late afternoon when I reached the bridge. Also I had a hard time finding the location of another second shot.

peter said...

Questions icemoon:

1. The floating restuarnat - reaosnably priced? Got alternative dining places?

2. When train time-table says "River Kwai Bridge" does it mean this station is after you cross the birdge or before? I assume Kanchanaburi Station is station in town before the bridge.

3. If you were to choose a place to stay for the night beside PLoy which would you recommend?

Icemoon said...

1. Yes, reasonably priced. The alternate places if I remember are around the bridge.

2. That is the station before the bridge. Kanchanaburi Station is the one in town, beside the war cemetery.

3. As I boarded the minivan before other passengers, I could see where the driver picked up the rest. Ploy is definitely not among the more popular ones. I'd recommend Jolly Frogs -