Dec 14, 2008

A Sook Ching Centre 63 Years after the Japanese Surrender?

Hong Lim Complex

I'm not joking.

This picture was taken today opposite China Square Central. You may have visited the food centre before; I have tried their prawn noodle and fried char kway teow. But a Sook Ching Centre?!

Sook Ching (肃清) - purge through cleansing - was the systematic extermination of hostile Chinese by the Japanese military during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore. It was at such a place, a mass-screening centre, that local Chinese, innocent or not, were chosen to be massacred. If such a place still exist today, 63 years after the occupation, you'd avoid the place at all cost.

Whoever approved the direction sign should be shot, Sook Ching style. How can one mix up direction to a historical site with direction to a local amenity? I'm pretty sure historical sites have their own unique direction signs. You may have seen them in the city area. They tell you unambiguously the direction to a historical site and some even indicate the walking distance. They are also located in the open and not like the one in picture - you can see the tip almost touching the ground floor ceiling.

The historical site in question is the Sook Ching Centre at the corner of Cross Street and South Bridge Road. There used to be a monument marker near the road junction, but today the whole area was fenced up and I could not find the marker from the small opening behind the traffic light. I guess the marker was temporarily removed to facilitate the construction work going on.


oceanskies79 said...

Thanks for the post. I wish I could see the Sook Ching site there once again, without the fences. :)

Icemoon said...

There is nothing much, just a monument marker. The whole place doesn't remind you of a screening centre. I don't know why they have to put the marker there, seems like an arbitrary selection to me.

Have you seen my second shot of a screening centre?

Victor said...

Look harder and you may find a similar directional sign to the nearby "street of the dying" (死人街) otherwise known as Sago Lane.

Icemoon said...

Woo, I wonder what they put for Sei Yan Kai. I thought there is a food centre there today.