Jan 20, 2009

How to be a Singaporean

Received it in my mailbox last week. Pretty hilarious, take a look. I wonder who is the unfortunate lady shouting 'excuse me' .. lol

(The whole thing is actually a film competition organized by NLB entitled 'Singapore In 5 Minutes'. Contestants are to capture unique components of Singapore film, theatre and music in a minute short film. More details here. Unfortunately, application has closed on 13 Jan.)

Saw it also on the January issue of golibrary while at the National Library. Here is the scan. Pardon the poor quality; I over-experimented with the GIF format.

Front Cover:


I guess it is more fun to enjoy the fruit of other people's labor. So here are some videos uploaded by National Library Board on youtube.

How to use an Elevator:

How to react to traffic accident:


Adelin said...

oooo. I'm so proud to be a Singaporean!!! Look at our unique ways of living!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, the typical S'porean writes a comment in your blog and then invites you to check out his blog.

Icemoon said...

What is the blog address?

yg said...