Jan 8, 2009

Marina Bay Countdown 2009 .. How I Found the Best Place for Fireworks (Video)

The clock is slowly ticking.

2345 and I'm still wandering. Now I'm standing at the driveway of Clifford Pier. The entrance is right in front, but the staff are guarding the door. They accept a group arriving hastily but reject all others.

The grim truth hit me: there is no way in. My last bastion of hope is gone.


If you're lazy like me, you probably joined the big squeezing party without knowing the ground zero for fireworks. So you camped at the only spot left best spot and hoped for a good view of the fireworks. But are all public viewing locations equal?

The countdown website lists seven vantage points to view fireworks, excluding the Float @ Marina Bay where tickets are needed.

The website does not tell us the ground zero, however. It should be near the Esplanade and Float, but the wallpapers at their download gallery hint anywhere but that.

In fact, the left wallpaper has the fireworks firing up from Marina Bay Sands. Is that a rehearsal for the Integrated Resort opening?

The prelude has me standing helplessly at Clifford Pier watching the privileged entering, It was the same story at One Fullerton where the privileged were already inside. Dejected, but not to give up, I backtracked and dug in at the B02 bus-stop below Change Alley.

B02 Bus Stop Viewing Position

Oh boy, I believe I found the best location that night! My line of sight was about perpendicular to the line of fireworks and the distance to ground zero was just right for the fireworks to fit into my camera. And most importantly, the place was not too crowded or cordoned off.

Take a look at my video. You be the judge.


Victor said...

At last, a very nice video of the fireworks. It was almost like being there. Thanks for posting the video. It would have been better if it was in high definition, though. :p So you didn't manage to take any still photos?

I like the grand finale best. The amount of pollution, er I mean smoke generated was simply amazing.

Lam Chun See said...

You are right. It is a very good place. So where was it? Marina Promenade?

Icemoon said...

Victor, some digicams can take high def videos already, but won't the video take very long to stream?

Haha, I figure unless you own a DSLR, it is better to take video.

Icemoon said...

Chun See, Marina Promenade along Esplanade/Floating Platform was cordoned off that night. My place was just below Change Alley.

Adelin said...

damn pretty lor. ^_^

Icemoon said...

For you guys and gals who don't want to squeeze and be squeezed, hope you find the video entertaining. :)