Feb 17, 2009

Double Happiness: A Grateful Reader to a Grateful Author

Previously I blogged about receiving the caterpillar butterfly award from Seen This Scene That. It was a joy to receive an award – any award – from one who is much more established, never mind I was first from bottom of his list.

Today I’m blogging about something more personal and which affected me no less deeply than the award. It was a pleasant surprise to receive, with tears of joy streaming down my cheek, the following email from a stranger:

Greetings to you,

I was browsing through pages of old London Railways subterranean stations when I decided to check out what Singapore had to offer in that respect. That was when I stumbled onto your excellent blogsite. Let me congratulate you on your most informative and personal website as well as for taking the time and effort to document the crumbling remains of Singapore's past.

As a fellow history enthusiast, I have found it a shame that

Singapore's history and heritage is so often left on the sidelines in favour of "progress" and I try my best in documenting whatever is left of it on film (or pixels). Alas, time is short and the bulldozer's blade vicious but we try our best. I have been concentrating my efforts on the Pasir Panjang side as that is where I was raised and have been studying now for the past 13 years, primary, secondary and now polytechnic. As a former military district, the pickings of places are rich and diverse. However with the recent development of the Biopolis and a condominium estate, they are in danger of being lost forever.

I urge you to carry on your task in order that our peers and the generation behind us will know what Singapore was like without the glitzy shopping centres and shiny condominiums. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Samuel Koh

An email written in impeccable English from a grateful reader (subject of his email). No, I did not make this up.

I used to think only big players have their share of secret admirers, fans and supporters. Now it seems like start-ups have readers as well, never mind what my Google Analytics is telling me.

As much as we like to be showered with accolades, I was blown away by this particular line in his email – as a fellow history enthusiast.

Thank you Samuel. You are reading this from a grateful author.


Anonymous said...

Good work BUT don't just stop....keep the bus moving!!!It's time your generation do something instead of listening to elderly folks blogging.

Adelin said...

agreed. The baton needs to be passed on right?

alternatve said...

Singaporeans are ever so quick to scold, complain or take a picture to post on stomp when they see something wrong. I just though I'll do the opposite.


Icemoon said...

peter said...

It's time your generation do something instead of listening to elderly folks blogging.

Well .. we can help elderly folks to blog. And we add our salt and sugar to spice it up .. whahaha

Icemoon said...

Samuel, nice blog you have. Keep writing. (for once, I thought black/white refers to those Tudor bungalows)