Sep 18, 2008

2nd Shot: High Street and North Bridge Road Junction

High Street and North Bridge Road Junction

Source: National Archives of Singapore
Caption: Electric Tramcars at High Street and North Bridge Road Junction
Record Date: circa 1908
2nd Shot
Date: August 2004

This is actually my second 'second shot'. The first is here. After four years lying in a digital forest, it is time to let her see the world.

My old second shots are especially memorable. Back then, with the old 3.1 Megapixel Amconics, I would retake and retake the second shot, on multiple days, until they look perfect to me. They are still not perfect, but the end result looks better than those taken by the new 10 Megapixel prosumer camera.

How did it feel like to sit in one of those trams, I wonder?

Update: Victor asked in the comments how I oriented myself at the junction. Unless you are an oldie and frequented High Street often in the past (Aurora, Metro, Polar Cafe, TMA, Ensign Bookstore anybody?), or you have elephant memory like Peter Chan from GMY, the best clue will be the bridge in the background. That is the old Elgin Bridge. The bridge in the modern photo is the new Elgin Bridge.

Old Elgin Bridge
Old Elgin Bridge
Source: National Archives of Singapore


Adelin said...

I think it's super squeezy on that tram. :x especially if there's BO on someone...

And I think your second shots are the best!

Victor said...

Hmm... I wonder how you know which direction the camera was facing when the old photo was taken. As everyone knows, there are 4 possible directions for a road junction. Care to share your investigation process that led you to the answer?

BTW, at first I thought you disabled comments in your blog. Then I realised that I have to click on the stain on the left sidebar. Haha.

Icemoon said...

Hmm, Victor goes to the main page instead of the blog entry page? I, too, realize today the comment link is not at its usual place on the main page.

Your question is answered in the update to the entry.

Icemoon said...

Adelin, thanks for the constant support all these while.

It will be interesting to research whether the trams travel faster than the jinrikishas (Jap for 人力车) and their fare price.

Victor said...

Oh I see. Must be my old eyes - they couldn't make out the tiny old bridge standing in the far end of the old photo.

Icemoon said...

I would have missed them too. In fact, I never checked the bridge until you asked me the question. I didn't remember of an old Elgin Bridge; only the Monkey/Presentment Bridge at the same location but earlier time.

The highlight seems to be the trams.

yg said...

'precise heritage photography' is just not my cup of tea. i used the same camera and stood at the same spot and still could not repeat the shot. i gave up.

Icemoon said...

You are too modest, yg.

This is a shot oldies will have advantage. I only have the new Elgin bridge as reference. Oldies can still refer to the shophouses and the old alignment of High Street and North Bridge Road.

Adelin said...

I can try check them out for you if you wish. Tsk. :P

You know my standard of researching eh. Hahaha.

Icemoon said...

Yes, Adelin, do help me check it out. Who knows, it might be your first history/heritage blog entry, haha.

Your standard of researching is ............ ichiban!

Adelin said...

你太看的起我。 谢谢!

Adelin said...

Electric Tram -

Jinrikishas -

in my own opinion, the trams will travel faster than the jinrikishas as they use manual labor. Humans do get tired under the weather conditions and the decreasing strength and stamina.

What I researched so far was, the electric trams in the past has 3 types of fares with a vast and odd difference which didn't appeal much to riders then.

As for the jinrikishas, the fare generally was 3 cents for half a mile or 20 cents for one hour. (Sounds like modern taxis) They were also the cheapest mode of transportation in that period.

In my opinion, the electric tram is definitely much expensive. Plus, the steam tram before the electric one was 10c for 1st class ride and 6c for the next class. (If i still remember correctly. lol)

But for convenience sake, it's definitely much better to use the jinrikishas as they are able to bring you to your doorstep. LOL.

Icemoon said...

Wah, so much information. Maybe we can put up a entry together.

Anonymous said...

They look very similar to the old W-class trams still in operation in Melbourne, Australia.